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No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season
No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season

No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for...

9/12/2014 -
Just want to let everyone know we have decided to not race tomorrow Friday September 26th
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Kevin Weaver wins the "Shamrock 40"

Kevin Weaver wins the "Shamrock 40"

BELLEVILLE, IL (March 16, 2012) - For what many assume is the luckiest weekend of the year, mother nature had her own intentions for the St. Louis area on St. Patrick's day weekend. Moisture appeared late Thursday night and would pursue to dampen the racing surface of Belle-Clair Speedway which would play host to the "Shamrock 40" the next day. The rain would continue into Friday, but would relinquish itself in time for the staff at "Belle Vegas" to prepare the track for the night's festivities.

Twenty-nine cars made their presence known at Belle-Clair for a chance at $1,500 and a possibility of a $1,000 bonus for winning both the "Shamrock 40 at Belle-Clair and the "Lucky 40" at Highland Speedway the next night.

The track was lightning fast with Dewayne Kiefer, Mark Voigt, Daryn Klein, and Ryan Unzicker taking heat wins. Kiefer would also win the dash to put himself on the pole postion for the forty-lap main event with a familiar Illinois native alongside known as the "Flatland Flash", Kevin Weaver.

Kiefer would only reign supreme for a lap or two as he was hindered by a flat left-rear tire and would surrender the lead to none other than Kevin Weaver. The Gibson City native would take control on the third circuit around the speedway with El Paso, IL's Ryan Unzicker in toe. Unzicker never posed much of a challenge to Weaver as the only thing that seemed to slow Weaver down was a squirmish with a lap car that would leave the "Flatland Flash" sitting the wrong direction on the back straightaway. Weaver would regain the lead as the caution had already been displayed for Daryn Klein, who slowed the lap before.

The twenty-one competitors who had earned a spot in the A-main would not challenge Weaver as he sliced through lap traffic and powered his Bill West car sponsored by Jimmy Johns to victory lane. "We pulled this Bill West car out towards the middle of last year and have been decent since", proclaimed an ecstatic Weaver in victory lane.

Weaver had many notable runs last year including what could have been a win at the Prairie Dirt Shootout at Fairbury American Legion Speedway, but came up short countless times. The dominant performance displayed by the former UMP DIRTcar National Champion at Belle-Clair Speedway only indicates that the "Flatland FLash" will be a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest for 2012.

The continuation of the Pot O' Gold weekend at Highland Speedway was cancelled due to rain and was rescheduled for March 24, 2012.

Complete Results from the "Shamrock 40" are as follows:

1 B12 Kevin Weaver
2 24 Ryan Unzicker
3 6K Michael Kloos
4 30 Mark Voigt
5 27 Rodney Melvin
6 10S Scott Schmitt
7 B5 Brandon Sheppard
8 27S Mike Schulte
9 25 Frankie Martin
10 71 Louie Baker
11 16H Mike Hammerle
12 1 Jim Moon
13 16G Rusty Griffaw
14 8 Scott Gaeschel
15 23 Paul Roider
16 28B John Beck
17 13 Brent Kreke
18 78 Chad Zobrist
19 10K Daryn Klein
20 0 Dewayne Kiefer
dns 00 Randy Korte
dns 87 Jason Zobrist

1. B5 Brandon Sheppard
2. 1 Jim Moon
3. 27S Mike Schulte
4. 13 Brent Kreke
5. 78 Chad Zobrist
6. 33 Tim Manville
7. 2 Dan Dondero
8. 23 Paul Roider
9. 16S Chris Shelton

1 0 Dewayne Kiefer
2 B12 Kevin Weaver
3 24 Ryan Unzicker
4 10K Daryn Klein
5 6K Michael Kloos
6 30 Mark Voigt
7 16H Mike Hammerle
8 25 Frankie Martin

Heat #1
1 0 Dewayne Kiefer
2 25 Frankie Martin
3 00 Randy Korte
4 10 Scott Schmitt
5 B5 Brandon Sheppard
6 13 Brent Kreke
7 33 Tim Manville
8 B1 Bobby Brown

Heat #2
1 30 Mark Voigt
2 6K Michael Kloos
3 27 Rodney Melvin
4 28B John Beck
5 1 Jim Moon
6 27S Mike Schulte
7 78 Chad Zobrist

Heat #3
1 10K Daryn Klein
2 16H Mike Hammerle
3 71 Louie Baker
4 87 Jason Zobrist
5 2 Dan Dondero
6 23 Paul Roider
7 27 Greg Kimmons

Heat #4
1 24 Ryan Unzicker
2 B12 Kevin Weaver
3 8 Bob Gaeschel
4 16G Rusty Griffaw
5 16S Chris Shelton
6 32 Vince Grondzki
7 7 Matt Weidner

Via: www.dirtxrta.com

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