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No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season
No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season

No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for...

9/12/2014 -
Just want to let everyone know we have decided to not race tomorrow Friday September 26th
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Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Aarons UMP Modifieds
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2014 Belle-Clair Speedway Schedule - 2014

As of September 12, 2014

Aarons UMP Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Rusty Griffaw61313141137.00
2Brett Korves61214921.00-216
3Justin Ketrow71113887.00-250
4Zeb Moake41214812.00-325
5Tyler Deibert14812764.00-373
6Brian Bielong28812759.00-378
7Walter Ford Jr.13624.00-513
8Tyler Ratajczyk2810591.00-546
9Brendan Bittle1511582.00-555
10Dean Hoffman1568551.00-586
11David Seger1178506.00-631
12Rick Standridge158472.00-665
13Dennis Ponder567410.00-727
14Zach Hoffman245320.00-817
15Mike Harrison2334281.00-856
16Brian Shubirg26280.00-857
17Brad Venhaus17280.00-857
18Louis Taylor7264.00-873
19Timmy Fohne14199.00-938
20Aaron Kleine114172.00-965
21Matt Mevert1222168.00-969
22Derek Shipman13157.00-980
23James Eden122156.00-981
24John Wingerter14152.00-985
25Austen Arnold3148.00-989
26Bobby Mahan3144.00-993
27Chris Smith124137.00-1000
28Chad Sellars112129.00-1008
29Chuck Collier4126.00-1011
30Dustin Knerrer22121.00-1016
31Bert Jacoby12113.00-1024
32Denny Tribout Jr.23107.00-1030
33Jesse Wiseley298.00-1039
34Justin Hall296.00-1041
35Tim Hancock11183.00-1054
36Jason Zobrist1169.00-1068
37Cody Conner1165.00-1072
38Mike Jones1262.00-1075
39Brock Bauman2261.00-1076
40Jake Hewitt1157.00-1080
41Joe Walsh1157.00-1080
42Eric Franklin1153.00-1084
43Andrew Johns1153.00-1084
44Shane Wilson1153.00-1084
45Derrick Black151.00-1086
46Justin Reando150.00-1087
47Jeff Asher149.00-1088
48Kenny Wallace149.00-1088
49Cory Brown148.00-1089
50Daniel Dubree148.00-1089
51Dustin Fallert148.00-1089
52Tony Hunter248.00-1089
53Clark Robertson148.00-1089
54Jake Seets248.00-1089
55Chris Spalding148.00-1089
56C.J. Springer148.00-1089
57Steve Theivagt148.00-1089
58Jeremy Thoele148.00-1089
59Jerry Thompson148.00-1089
60Cody Bauman1133.00-1104
61Chris Winters130.00-1107

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Belleville Automotive Pure Stocksas of 9/12/2014
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