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Fast & Furious Friday! "Bud Light 30" July 25th
Fast & Furious Friday! "Bud Light 30" July 25th

Fast & Furious Friday! "Bud Light 30"...

7/25/2014 -
The Only Place to see Super Late Models on this Friday! Adults $15 Kid's 12 & under FREE
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Belle-Clair Speedway7/18/2014Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodels
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Belle-Clair Speedway7/18/2014POWRi Midgets
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Belle-Clair Speedway7/18/2014POWRi Midgets
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2014 Belle-Clair Speedway Schedule - 2014

As of July 11, 2014

Aarons UMP Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Rusty Griffaw49910788.00
2Brett Korves4810612.00-176
3Justin Ketrow479600.00-188
4Tyler Ratajczyk2810591.00-197
5Zeb Moake2810536.00-252
6Tyler Deibert258492.00-296
7Brian Bielong2558473.00-315
8Walter Ford Jr.9432.00-356
9Brendan Bittle148429.00-359
10Dennis Ponder566362.00-426
11Dean Hoffman1445355.00-433
12Rick Standridge136348.00-440
13Zach Hoffman245320.00-468
14David Seger45292.00-496
15Mike Harrison2334281.00-507
16Brad Venhaus16250.00-538
17Aaron Kleine114172.00-616
18Derek Shipman13157.00-631
19Austen Arnold3148.00-640
20Bobby Mahan3144.00-644
21Chad Sellars112129.00-659
22Louis Taylor3108.00-680
23Denny Tribout Jr.23107.00-681
24Timmy Fohne12101.00-687
25Jesse Wiseley298.00-690
26Matt Mevert111194.00-694
27Chris Smith12389.00-699
28Tim Hancock11183.00-705
29Chuck Collier378.00-710
30Brian Shubirg278.00-710
31James Eden1166.00-722
32Cody Conner1165.00-723
33Mike Jones1262.00-726
34Brock Bauman2261.00-727
35Joe Walsh1157.00-731
36John Wingerter1256.00-732
37Andrew Johns1153.00-735
38Shane Wilson1153.00-735
39Jeff Asher149.00-739
40Kenny Wallace149.00-739
41Cory Brown148.00-740
42Dustin Fallert148.00-740
43Justin Hall148.00-740
44Clark Robertson148.00-740
45Jake Seets248.00-740
46Chris Spalding148.00-740
47C.J. Springer148.00-740
48Steve Theivagt148.00-740
49Jeremy Thoele148.00-740
50Cody Bauman1133.00-755

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Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodelsas of 7/18/2014
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Aarons UMP Modifiedsas of 7/11/2014
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Belleville Automotive Pure Stocksas of 7/11/2014
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Boss Chassis Micro Sprintsas of 7/11/2014
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O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocksas of 7/11/2014
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