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Don Klein 100 Lap LM Race Friday!
WHATS ON TAP FOR AUGUST? Great Events & a Big Announcement!
Don Klein 100 Lap LM Race Friday!

Don Klein 100 Lap LM Race Friday!

8/24/2014 -
Legends race ST. Clair/Bel-Air Bowl "Don Klein 100" $2,000 to win and $200 to start. Only
WHATS ON TAP FOR AUGUST? Great Events & a Big Announcement!

WHATS ON TAP FOR AUGUST? Great Events &...

7/25/2014 -
WHATS ON TAP FOR AUGUST? Great Events & a Big Announcement! 8/7/2014 AMA Flat Track
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2013 Schedule - 2013

As of August 23, 2013

Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Bryan Baker1101212841.00
2Trevor Isaak181213807.00-34
3Ryan Emig35813753.00-88
4Dawn Rheinecker61112731.00-110
5Randy Dietzel471112727.00-114
6Troy Bunfill4911642.00-199
7Louis Taylor110474.00-367
8Brian Crawford1357468.00-373
9Nick Collette178434.00-407
10Dustin McClintock256370.00-471
11Jarrett Stryker148339.00-502
12Jim Rowney37335.00-506
13Eric Harris244276.00-565
14Bobby Teutraine244266.00-575
15Tyler Gerberding123251.00-590
16Andy Marlow15242.00-599
17Kyle Swip6240.00-601
18John Gili2235196.00-645
19Chris Sale123186.00-655
20Marc McClintock123183.00-658
21Brian Crawford133175.00-666
22Willy Myers14162.00-679
23Autin Isaak1133154.00-687
24Bobby Teutrine333148.00-693
25Jeremy Dietzel112108.00-733
26Dale Bohnenstiehl12107.00-734
27Charles Abernathy396.00-745
28Chris Abernathy296.00-745
29Matt Bloemker296.00-745
30Dave Armstrong22286.00-755
31Jack Rogers1186.00-755
32Jason Worley12276.00-765
33Austin Isaak1163.00-778
34Adam Kock1160.00-781
35A.J. Cline1156.00-785
36Aaron Melton1153.00-788
37Steve Steele1153.00-788
38Josh Bauer151.00-790
39Jake Hewitt150.00-791
40Cody Abernathy148.00-793
41Joey Benton148.00-793
42Brian Eaves248.00-793
43Jeremy Embrich148.00-793
44Todd Flauaus148.00-793
45Dave Monterusso148.00-793
46Shelbi Standridge148.00-793
47Roger Stryker148.00-793
48Gary Walker148.00-793
49Tony Walker248.00-793
50Bobby Dees030.00-811
51Tim Fulkerson030.00-811

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Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodelsas of 8/15/2014
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Aarons UMP Modifiedsas of 8/15/2014
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Belleville Automotive Pure Stocksas of 8/15/2014
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Boss Chassis Micro Sprintsas of 7/11/2014
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O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocksas of 8/15/2014
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