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No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season
No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season

No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for...

9/12/2014 -
Just want to let everyone know we have decided to not race tomorrow Friday September 26th
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Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodels
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Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Aarons UMP Modifieds
Full Results
Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks
Full Results
Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocks
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Belle-Clair Speedway 2012 - 2012

As of August 24, 2012

Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodels

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Michael Kloos41214141109.00
2Jim Moon2912151025.00-84
3Mike Schulte181314967.00-142
4Frankie Martin161315951.00-158
5Mike Hammerle11015821.00-288
6Vince Grondzki2613759.00-350
7Brent Kreke17711730.00-379
8Jim Gibson613704.00-405
9Ed Dixon1589686.00-423
10Don Klein14685.00-424

Aarons UMP Modifieds

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Aaron Kleine71313141110.00
2Brad Venhaus6714863.00-247
3Brett Korves51214846.00-264
4Zeb Moake4713785.00-325
5Mike Stuckey3813781.00-329
6Tyler Ratajczyk21014777.00-333
7Dean Hoffman3999776.00-334
8David Seger2813757.00-353
9Zach Hoffman2512656.00-454
10Brendan Bittle312639.00-471

Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Jake Hewitt4101214999.00
2John Gili1101414991.00-8
3Trevor Isaak81013883.00-116
4Dawn Rheinecker4913808.00-191
5Jim Rowney31112804.00-195
6Bryan Baker3914792.00-207
7Randy Dietzel161012756.00-243
8Tyler Gerberding1714731.00-268
9Troy Bunfill1912702.00-297
10Kyle Swip212621.00-378

O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocks

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Willy Myers21212121035.00
2Travis Bittle3101212947.00-88
3Derek Reeves51012769.00-266
4Jeff Santel31012761.00-274
5James Southers3712727.00-308
6Aaron Wood2699689.00-346
7Jason Walsh1610567.00-468
8Ryan Kress378551.00-484
9Kerry Kehrer148442.00-593
10Austin Tettaton246408.00-627

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Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodelsas of 9/12/2014
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Aarons UMP Modifiedsas of 9/12/2014
Full Points
Belleville Automotive Pure Stocksas of 9/12/2014
Full Points
Boss Chassis Micro Sprintsas of 8/29/2014
Full Points
O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocksas of 9/12/2014
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