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No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season
No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for Season

No Racing Friday Sept 26th. Done for...

9/12/2014 -
Just want to let everyone know we have decided to not race tomorrow Friday September 26th
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Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodels
Full Results
Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Aarons UMP Modifieds
Full Results
Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks
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Belle-Clair Speedway9/12/2014O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocks
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2014 Belle-Clair Speedway Schedule - 2014

As of September 12, 2014

Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodels

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Mike Schulte712161037.00
2Rick Salter11011131005.00-32
3Mike Hammerle51416963.00-74
4Bob Brown414715.00-322
5Trevor Thornton413700.00-337
6Daryn Klein35611678.00-359
7Ryan Little24711671.00-366
8John Beck2811603.00-434
9Vince Grondzki12560.00-477
10Mark Voigt2448537.00-500

Aarons UMP Modifieds

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Rusty Griffaw61313141137.00
2Brett Korves61214921.00-216
3Justin Ketrow71113887.00-250
4Zeb Moake41214812.00-325
5Tyler Deibert14812764.00-373
6Brian Bielong28812759.00-378
7Walter Ford Jr.13624.00-513
8Tyler Ratajczyk2810591.00-546
9Brendan Bittle1511582.00-555
10Dean Hoffman1568551.00-586

Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Marc McClintock81313131073.00
2Trevor Isaak191214956.00-117
3Willy Myers181012857.00-216
4Troy Bunfill51012789.00-284
5Cody Sale11114772.00-301
6Dave Monterusso4812764.00-309
7Brian Crawford4911623.00-450
8Andy Marlow1578549.00-524
9Chris Kircher511500.00-573
10A.J. Marks48427.00-646

Boss Chassis Micro Sprints

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Carlee Gress1256411.00
2Tyler VanToll357383.00-28
3Jeremy Zumwalt1335350.00-61
4Austin VanToll46345.00-66
5Brad McDaniel344322.00-89
6Derek LeMaster444319.00-92
7Kurt Westerfield246292.00-119
8Steve Finn145284.00-127
9Ryan Mueller236282.00-129
10Chad Elliott1124242.00-169

O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocks

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Rob Shaw4788695.00
2Sean McCarty2888668.00-27
3Travis Bittle788605.00-90
4Dallas Lugge588593.00-102
5Ricky Carriker1666475.00-220
6Jack Rogers58422.00-273
7Charlie Durbin145316.00-379
8Johnathan Fahrner36311.00-384
9Anthony Sunshine255303.00-392
10Joe Laws45282.00-413

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Kettler & Sons UMP Latemodelsas of 9/12/2014
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Aarons UMP Modifiedsas of 9/12/2014
Full Points
Belleville Automotive Pure Stocksas of 9/12/2014
Full Points
Boss Chassis Micro Sprintsas of 8/29/2014
Full Points
O'Reilly's Pro 4 Stocksas of 9/12/2014
Full Points
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