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To obtain a sponsorship for me and my car, which will enable me to pursue my career with the quality of parts and accessories to be competitive at the top level. Also to have the funding to travel to different facilities farther away which will better my driving ability in my micro sprint or a more heavy bodied car.

- Date of Birth: October 7, 1993
- Hometown: Remington, Indiana
- Occupation: Student/Race Car Driver
- Ultimate Goal: World of Outlaws Sprint Car, Nationwide or Sprint Cup Series
- Years in Racing: 3 years- Jr. Sprint; 9 years- 600cc Mini Sprints
- Type of Car: 600cc Wing and Non-Wing Outlaw Mini Sprints
- Chassis: Factor 1
- Engine: Kawasaki 636
- Car Owners: Bill and Donna Elrod

600 Mini Sprint 2013

- 1 feature win
- 10 A-main top 5s
- 5 heat race wins
- Tracks: Cedar Lake Speedway, Miami County Speedway, Bakersfield Raceway, Tulsa Expo Center, US 24 Speedway, Southern Illinois Raceway, Plymouth Speedway, Belle-Claire speedway, Wayne County Speedway, Macon Speedway, Gingerman Raceway, New Castle Motorsports Park

This year was a very up and down year for Sara. There were many times she was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had some good runs but it wasn’t the season that she was looking for. Sara also had a lot of one on one training at Race Craft 1 . She spent time on one of the best car simulators learning many different tracks and different types of cars that helped her with her road course racing. Sara raced her first race in a TAG 125cc go-kart at New Castle Motorsports Park. She started last in her first race and ended up 8th. This prepared Sara for her first test in a F500 at Gingerman Raceway road course. She did very well and impressed a lot of people. Sara also participated in the 16th Annual Fun at Fastimes, a USAC Benevolent Foundation Fundraiser.

600 Mini Sprint

- Ranked 2nd in Indiana Outlaw Wing standings
- 4 feature wins
- 15 A-main top 5s
- 10 heat race wins
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway, Bakersfield Raceway, Tri-State Speedway, Peoria Speedway, Tulsa Expo Center, Coles County Speedway, Southern Illinois Raceway, Kokomo Speedway, Jacksonville Speedway, Plymouth Speedway

This year taught Sara a lot. Different tracks and different scenarios proved that perseverance pays off. One of the bigger races that Sara did well in was the Mike Phillip’s 66 $10,000 to win show. Sara made the A-main and finished 14th against the best wing cars in the country. Sara also won the 2012 Tony Stewart’s Battle in the Bull Ring at Plymouth Speedway.
600 Mini Sprint 2011

- 3 feature wins
- 11 A-Main top 5s
- 9 heat race wins
- 2 fast times
- Tracks: Us-24 Speedway, Miami County Speedway, Bakersfield Raceway, Peoria Speedway, Tulsa Expo Center, DuQuoin Mini Magic Mile, Coles County Speedway, Southern Illinois Raceway, Port City Raceway, Kokomo Speedway

This was a large learning year for Sara. During the year she switched between 4 different cars on a regular basis. All of the cars varied on how they drove, and taught her a lot about different types of cars and setups. Sara also competed in her first Tulsa Shootout in the Outlaw Class. Competing against some of the toughest drivers in the country, she was able to put the car in the A-Main starting 23rd and have a top 15 finish.
600 Mini Sprint 2010

- Ranked 2nd in Indiana in the Wing Outlaw Class out of 160 cars
- 5 feature wins
- 6 heat wins
- Tracks: Us-24 Speedway, Miami County Speedway, Bakersfield Raceway, DuQuoin Mini Magic Mile, Coles County Speedway, Kokomo Speedway, Rush County Fairgrounds

Traveling around made learning more about the car easier. This was also the first year Sara went to the track without the help of her father, the main crew chief. Hauling the trailer and doing all setups, maintenance, and the work with the help of her mom, Sara was able to pull off a sweep winning all the races that night.
600 Mini Sprint 2009

- 4 feature wins
- 19 A-Main continuous top 5 finishes
- 10 heat wins
- 2 fast times
- Tracks: Us-24 Speedway, Miami County Speedway, Bakersfield Raceway, DuQuoin Mini Magic Mile, Coles County Speedway, Kokomo Speedway, Rush County Fairgrounds

This was another big year for Sara. Consistency was key for her as her 19 top 5’s in a row, at many different tracks, helped improve her publicity. Running well every week involved even more work and care outside of just arriving at the track and driving.

600 Mini Sprint 2008

- US-24 Speedway Winged Outlaw Championship
- 3 Feature wins
- Tracks: Us-24 Speedway, Miami County Speedway, DuQuoin Mini Magic Mile, Kemper Arena, Paradise Speedway, Camden Speedway

One of Sara’s favorite racing memories is winning the Championship in the wing class at US 24 Speedway. She was competing against some of the best competition week in and week out. Not many people are able to say that they have won a championship at that track and Sara is one of them. Also to go along with her championship, Sara’s traveling became more relevant, traveling from Kansas City, Missouri to as far as Geneva, New York.
600 Mini Sprint 2007

- 1 feature win
- 3rd in points at Miami County Speedway
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway, US 24 Speedway

600 Mini Sprint 2006

- 2 feature wins
- 2nd in points at Miami County Speedway and 4th in Region 1 points
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway

This was Sara’s first year in the bigger class. It was a huge learning experience and took a lot of patience and learning to run with the multi cars competitively.
600 Mini Sprint; Restrictor Class 2005

- 3 feature wins
- 4th in points at Miami County Speedway and 4th in Region 1 points.
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway

600 Mini Sprint; Restrictor Class 2004

- 1 feature win
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway, Jackson Speedway, Stateline Speedway

Elrod’s first year in the 600cc cars was a large learning curve for her. Her first feature win the bigger car came at her first visit at Jackson Speedway in Michigan. She ended her year 7th in points at Miami County Speedway.

Jr Sprint 2003

- Miami County Speedway Track Champion in the Jr. class
- 12 feature wins
- Tracks: Miami County Speedway

This was the year that Sara’s first championship came along. She was also 4th in region 2 points. After this year it was decided that Sara needed to move up at the age of 10 to the Restrictor class.

Jr Sprint 2002

- 8 feature wins
- Tracks: US-24 speedway, Miami County Speedway

During the 2002 season Sara won the first 4 of 5 races at US 24 Speedway. Upon deciding to switch the tracks up that she had been to, Sara moved to Miami County Speedway. Never have seeing the track before Sara went out and stole the show for the first two weeks, and remained running well the rest of the season for a 6th place finish in points.

Jr Sprint 2001

- 1 feature win
- Tracks: US-24 Speedway

Sara’s first year in racing had its ups and downs as all drivers will. A lot of seat time and laps led Sara to a 3rd place finish in the track points for the year.


High School Diploma
Tri-County high school
Wolcott, Indiana

Certified Nurse Aide
Allied Health Care Training
Wichita, Kansas


Sara Elrod is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Sara is unlike anyone you will ever meet, especially when it comes to her goals and future plans for herself. She is a very determined young woman who knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to accomplish it. Sara comes off a little shy at a first glance, but she is actually a very outgoing person. As long as I have known Sara, racing has been her passion. Everything Sara does revolves around racing and I find it amazing at how determined she is to further her career in it. Sara is a true role model that people should look up to because of how hard she works at the one thing she loves the most. Not only is she determined and hard-working, but Sara is a trustworthy and genuine person. Sara is a very honest person that would go to the ends of the world to help someone out when they need it. Sara is a truly amazing person and will do great things in her lifetime.


I'm Charlie Patterson, having been in auto sports for 56yrs, I've always had the eye for great talent. I had a race fan bring Sara Elrod's name to my attention as someone he thought I should meet, and find out more about her racing ability. I asked her to join 6 of the drivers that I was bringing to the indoor go-kart track to see how well she would compete with drivers who had some Stock Car experience. I was thrilled to see how well she did, actually beating them in the first 2 races. Her total personna fits what I like to see in an up and coming driver. I talked to a car-owner who she drove for and it was total praise about everything. I feel like she has all of the qualities to have a great career in Motorsports.

Charlie Patterson
Nex-Gen Motorsports

I have had the opportunity to know Sara in a professional environment this past year as an employee and was truly impressed. Her ability to learn quickly and multitask in a fast paced production environment made her stand out among her peers. She possesses a desire to strive for perfection, and was always trying to learn and understand the processes she was involved with, which made her highly trainable. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Derek Rhodes
Shift Leader
Adkev, Inc

I’m Brad McDaniel, promoter of The 66 Mike Phillips Memorial winged outlaw microsprint race. As a fan, racer, pit crew, and race promoter, I’ve seen the entire racing scene from many different angles. It’s hard to come into an environment where you stand out. It takes a special type of person to come into that fearlessly, but Sara Elrod does it as if it were the norm. Spending a majority of her life at the races, she’s coming into, not only a predominantly male scene, but also almost 100% Caucasian. So, clearly being different, Sara doesn’t let it faze her at all. Traveling all over the Midwest, she never ceases to make new friends and quickly become a favorite everywhere she goes. Off the track, a quiet, reserved, mature young woman, up for a good time, but still there to do one thing: win. On the track, always focused on being the best she can but still respectful of other drivers she shares the raceway with. After only knowing her from being at the track, she seemed incredibly shy and kept to herself. But, we began hanging out away from racing (or at least when we, ourselves, were not racing) and I got to see a new side of her, a side that was much more relaxed and at ease. She was laughing much more and really started to open up the longer we were together. It became very clear that isn’t that quiet girl I had first met, but that, at the track, she was focused on what she was there to do. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to continue to get to know her better as our friendship has grown, and I’m glad for that.

Brad McDaniel

Seeing Sara run at Miami County Speedway, US24 Speedway, Kokomo, Plymouth Speedway and now at the Tulsa Shootout she is one great wheeler that has a smooth way of working the car. You put her up against any of the guys and as soon as she puts the helmet on you would never know that there is a chick behind that shield. At Plymouth Speedway during the Tony Stewart night it was hard to just make the show and she pulled off a win against all the others fighting for that finishing spot of #1. With Sara’s talent and backing of the great family and friends that she has I think you will be seeing a lot more of Sara on the podium or holding that checkered flag. Wonder if 2013 will be a repeat of 2012 and the guys will have to watch out as the girls come in hot and go home with most of the wins again this year with Sara taking some of these herself at Plymouth.

Jacki Montel Patrick
Plymouth Speedway

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