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2016 AARA General Rules
2016 Tire Rules
2016 PURE STOCK Rules
UMP Late Model Rules
UMP Modified Rules
UMP Pro Modified Rules

UMP Pro Modifieds use the UMP Rules listed above with the following exceptions:

1. Option to groove front tires until the end of 2016. No grooving in 2017 at all.

2. Roller Rockers allowed with weight allowance
A. 602 legal Crate 2400 lbs
B. Steel block no roller Rockers 2600 lbs
C. Steel block with roller Rockers. 2625 lbs with 25 lbs ahead of motor plate.

3. Coil over Shocks optional on rear end of car only with 5″ spring only. Must run UMP approved Shocks only. Must have UMP sticker on Shocks by June 1st, 2016. Shock stickers are available currently thru Voigt Racing and SCP. More places to get stickers coming soon.

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